Technical Operations Manager Job Description

Technical operations managers are information technology professionals who assist a company’s senior staff in supervising day-to-day operations and activities. They are responsible for providing operational management support and managing technical staff, and they provide guidance on issues related to both management and technical activities. They typically oversee all technical operations on a daily basis.

Technical operations managers manage staff, ensure that corporate operations are well coordinated and that projects are completed within deadlines and budget. They analyse and evaluate a company’s business performance using statistical metrics, and they are also responsible for ensuring the provision, maintenance, and safe use and storage of all technical equipment and materials, as well as for developing and evaluating training programs for the technical staff.


Technical operations managers must have excellent communication and people management skills, as well as strong time management and budgeting skills. They must be able to provide guidance and leadership to the technical staff and make sure that they are always informed of and adhere to the company’s operating procedures.

Technical operations managers must be able to motivate the technical staff to perform to a high standard, and have a good knowledge of all the relevant policies and procedures related to human resources. Strong writing skills are an asset, as these professionals are usually required to submit reports to the senior staff.

An advanced knowledge of all the relevant technical equipment is a must, as is an in-depth knowledge of the industry in which they are employed. Experience in contract management is a strong advantage with prospective employers, as it is frequently a part of the technical operations manager’s job.

These professionals must have strong problem-solving skills and an innovative approach to addressing both administrative and technical problems. A degree of mobility is also required, as technical operations managers sometimes must travel to client locations to inspect sites and conduct property surveys.  


Technical operations managers must have at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related technical discipline. For jobs with significant responsibilities and management duties, candidates usually need a master’s degree and at least several years of experience in management and supervisory roles.


Specific job responsibilities of a technical operations manager vary depending on employer type, size of the company they work for, location, and industry, but these professionals typically have supervisory roles in a company and assist senior management in developing the company’s long and short-term business strategies, plans, proposals, project schedules and budgets. They also conduct assessments of technical operations and look for opportunities for improvement. They are responsible for the overall execution of all technical activities and work to ensure operational efficiency.

Technical operations managers develop, implement and review all standard operating procedures and work practices, conduct risk assessment, and work to maximize productivity and minimize operational costs. They prepare work specifications and project schedules, and produce all the relevant project documentation. They can also be responsible for training and assessment of technical staff, and for making sure that employees carrying out technical operations have the necessary equipment and support to complete projects on time.


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