Software Developer Job Description

Software developers are information technology professionals who develop computer programs and applications that perform specific tasks on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and other devices that use software. Software developers use a programming language to design these programs. They can also be responsible for creating the entire underlying software systems that run IT networks, computers, and other devices. They can modify and enhance existing features and software, design services called from external applications to integrate with various applications, or create data migration and integration processes using software development tools and methods.

The job outlook for the profession is very good, as there is a growing demand for skilled professionals who can develop different kinds of software and a wide range of applications to be used on different devices.


Software developers must have excellent computer programming skills. They must be thorough in their work and have a good eye for detail. An advanced knowledge of programming languages is a must. Problem-solving and troubleshooting skills are essential, as software developers typically perform tests on various applications and are responsible for debugging and resolving any other problems that arise with the software.

Strong communication skills and commercial awareness are very important, especially for software developers who work on a contract basis and deal with clients on a daily basis. The developers must be exceptional listeners and be able to solicit project details from the client.

Software developers must have a strong general knowledge of technology and how different types of devices work, and they must always stay up to date on the latest trends and developments. They must have an excellent knowledge of best practices in software development as well as software development life cycle methodologies.


Software developers must have at least a bachelor’s degree in information technology, software engineering, computer science, information systems, or a related subject. Most employers will look for candidates with strong professional qualifications and at least a few years of experience in software development and computer programming.


Software developers’ daily responsibilities and tasks vary from job to job and can differ greatly from one project to the next, but they usually entail creating specific applications to perform certain tasks on computers and similar devices. Developers are typically involved with a project from the concept stage to implementation and delivery, and they can also provide technical support to clients for the software they design.

When assigned to a new project, the software developer will usually be the one to determine the approach that will be taken in project development and implementation. He or she will collect project requirements from the client and thoroughly research the devices and products from both the technical and functional point of view.

Software developers usually work closely with specialists from other fields to ensure that they understand the implications to the client’s business processes. They will typically review current systems, and present ideas for improvement to the client. Once the client has approved the ideas, software developers will design applications and other product deliverables according to the client’s specifications, and work within a given timeframe to complete each stage of the project.  


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