SAP Basis Administrator Job Description

The SAP Basis administrator's job is to manage SAP business software for a company or organization. Because SAP software needs to be  customized to meet the needs of any given business, the administrators are responsible for installing and configuring SAP software so that it can store all the information that the company needs on its servers.

SAP Basis administrators are usually responsible for monitoring the system performance to ensure the software is running smoothly. They deal with potential problems and glitches without delay, implement security measures and regularly perform system upgrades.

Skills and qualifications

The main requirement for SAP Basis administrators is extensive knowledge of information technology, and a solid understanding of SAP software installation, configuration and maintenance. SAP Basis administrators must hold at least a bachelor's degree in an IT-related field, but most SAP specialists have a master's.

Having a professional certification in SAP and SAP Basis is obligatory to obtain this position. Other expected skills may include Oracle, UNIX, and SAP Business Warehouse. Administrators are required to be experienced in  server design and system maintenance. Organisational and analytical skills are imperative, because administrators must be able to work effectively within tight deadlines.

Excellent people skills are crucial, as SAP Basis administrators usually work as part of a team. Experience in team management is a strong asset, seeing that administrators might be responsible for supervising a team, coordinating employees and assigning work tasks. The administrators are expected to maintain a healthy, productive work environment.

Communication skills and a good head for business are also important, as SAP administrators regularly report to the customers. They must have the company's interest in mind, and attune the software in a way that will suit the client's needs and ensure optimal system performance.

SAP Basis administrators must be prepared to work long office hours and to occasionally work overtime, and they must be willing to travel to other offices.


The job duties of a SAP Basis administrator include maintaining and customizing SAP software, providing technical and customer support, and monitoring system performance. They perform database backup regularly and apply patches and upgrades when necessary.

Administrators are also responsible for monitoring system activity, users, authorization and workload analysis. They perform the daily maintenance of computer systems and LAN or WAN networks. They are also required to document the completed procedures and regularly update all the relevant documentation. 

SAP Basis administrators are expected to constantly improve their skills by attending additional training courses which SAP organizes on a regular basis. This job requires continuous education and keeping up-to-date with the rapidly evolving technologies. It is recommended to attend educational seminars and conferences.

Having an advanced knowledge and experience in SAP Basis administration provides experts with the opportunity to work in various industries. Skilled candidates can choose between different available positions and career paths depending on their area of expertise, be it customer management, financial software management, staff training, or consulting. SAP specialists can either be employed by companies that offer services to clients, or work as independent contractors on a project basis.


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